Fuck Other Devs

Fuck em’.

No I don’t mean fornicate with them – although if you’re really connecting, I’m not going to stop you.

I mean toss em’ completely outta your thoughts.

Don’t worry about making mistakes or not following “best practices” or doing something outside what “the industry” seems to be doing.

If someone calls your code out harshly instead of first learning your intent and offering suggestions in kindness, it means they themselves are likely deathly afraid of looking dumb, messing up, being caught as the imposter they think they are – sound familiar?

They do this to beat you to the punch by criticizing you. Putting the spotlight on your code instead of theirs.

Wait, do they ever actually share theirs?

We are all scrambling code together as best we can. It doesn’t always follow every hot paradigm and pattern.

Continue improving, but do not be afraid to put your work in front of others. The harsh critics are just vocalizing the same fears we all have that prevented them from doing the same.

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