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You’re told that your .NET controllers should be thin, so why do yours keep growing?

The “experts” told you that controllers ought to be thin, but no one actually explains how to do it and most tutorials just take shortcuts and pile everything together.

On top of that, you feel like a nimrod because you aren’t even sure why thin controllers are desirable!

Why can’t they just stay like this?

What’s the big deal?

“I don’t understand the main point of moving logic from controller to service…”

Nobody wants to be a tool and do things just because someone else said to.

But be warned – the future is bleak and tiresome for those who are missing the fundamentals…

Not only that, your code will bloat inside and outside of your controllers if you continue to copy examples from random tutorials that don’t explain how to fit it into the bigger picture.

You do NOT want the reputation of a developer who always leaves code worse than they found it.

You know the “pros” can confidently and systematically refactor even the most plump of controllers, but you’ve got a growing mess on your hands now and attempting to fix it could have you looking like an even bigger fool!

But you know your future is not the shameful reality of a lifetime code-monkey…

What if you could beautify those controllers with the confidence, know-how, and ease of a 30-year pro?

Imagine if you had master-level clarity into what caused your controllers to get bent out of shape, and knew precisely what to do to get them immaculate, architecturally-sound, and following modern best practices.

Not only understanding how to methodically restructure them to be organized, clean, and flexible, but also having a strong grasp on the fundamental reasons why it serves you to make those changes in the first place.

What if you could take advantage of your current code mess by flipping it into an easy opportunity to both clean it up and learn pro-level habits and techniques in the process?

Rather than wasting weeks hunting down and poring over random tutorials, what if it only took a few hours?

It’s true, knowing the why and how of refactoring a coding horror into something brilliant can take years of practice and experience.

You could spend weeks hunting down individual how-to guides and tutorials that only cover a tiny part of the problem, without knowing how all the parts work together or why you should even follow them.

Fortunately, when it comes to your controllers, there is a shortcut.

Whip your controllers into tip top shape with the Thin Controller Recipe Set.

Take a magnifying glass to the primary tasks performed by controllers and get deep understanding into where and why things can go wrong.

Quickly understand fixes to your specific problems using a simple cookbook recipe style format so you can jump right to the problem area of your concern.

See Recipes for:

Each controller task is then paired with simple “explain it like I’m five” style guidance showing:

Save yourself from learning the hard way through years of trial and error on your own projects.

Learn modern design patterns quickly, in the context of actual controller problems so they are immediately applicable.

See examples of clean, adaptive controllers that you can model yours after. The ideal to work towards.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  1. A downloadable PDF containing 4 distinct thin controller recipes.
  2. Each recipe includes contextually relevant lessons on proven software design fundamentals that you can then apply anywhere.
  3. All the sample code snippets from each recipe that you can plug into your own projects. Fully runnable projects with sample data that you can play with.
  4. Lock in the knowledge with a “final exam” practice project. Test what you learn by refactoring an included fat controller project and comparing it to the solution project.
  5. Support and guidance by me via email. I will do my best to get you past any hangups.

My Guarantee: If you go through these recipes and you feel that they did not bring you closer to your goals, I will issue a full refund, no questions asked.

"These recipes cut through all the fluff. Joe provides clear and concrete examples, and most importantly, the reasoning behind why he's chosen to implement the principles and patterns the way he did."

Rod McBride   Rod McBride

Spend only a few hours time up front to save yourself (and your team) from having to tussle with a confusing, fragile, and overly complicated codebase in the future.

A 1-2 Punch: Learn exactly how to make your controllers beautifully thin and organized, while simultaneously learning proven fundamentals of software design so you can confidently apply the techniques anywhere else like a true software pro.

Get the downloadable Thin Controller Recipe Set and begin to finally feel confident and secure in your code’s design, structure, and organization.

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